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Dear 2017, you taught me:
1- Remember to never text a harsh feedback or criticism to someone past midnight. No one should wake up reading a negative thought or doubt unarmed with a robe of optimism.
2- It takes great courage to decide what should last a lifetime and what should leave immediately. You will have to summon that courage every now and then to stay balanced.
3- When life offers you an opportunity to be brilliant negotiate to be memorable.
4- People are mirrors. Be careful of which ones you are looking into.
5- You always have an extra minute to be nice to someone. Try to give a hug instead of a selfie. Memorise the name of people who work for and around you. Greet them by their name.
6- ‘Journey’ is a buzz word, ‘experience’ is addiction. Try to trace your way back home. Some arms are growing old, they need your warmth to belong.
7- Don’t romanticise inspiration. Build the mood, create the vibe, do the doing. The muse always shows up when your intention does.
8- You are the product of a sperm, not a dictionary. It’s okay to misspell certain words. Mumble through some pronunciations and pause to pick the right word in a conversation. As long as you are authentic you’ll learn.
9- It’s amazing to be loved. But is even more amazing to be forgiven and then to be loved. Try to seek that and build along the way.
10- Don’t be harsh on yourself. A new year is almost here.
Brace yourself, we are moving to the creamy-chocolaty part of life. Happy 2018, and thank you for cheering us with love and support. 



About The Author

Deepak Ramola, Founder and Artistic director of FUEL is a life skill educator at heart and in practice. With his initiative Project FUEL Deepak travels across the continent with people's life lessons designed as interactive and performance based exercises. He is also a gold medallist in BMM from the University of Mumbai, a spoken word poet, an actor, a lyricist and a writer.

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  1. Hi Deepak,

    Just watched your video about saying hello to strangers. Loved it. From the video landed on the project site and from there to this blog.

    Thanks a lot for initiating Project FUEL and sharing such amazing learnings.

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