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Once upon a time, our very own Deepak Ramola met a certain Sunita Garwale on a flight from Dehradun to New Delhi. Despite being in her 70s, she told him that her motto is to lead a life brimming with curiosity irrespective of how long she has left. She firmly believes that no life can ever be dull or mundane as long as one has an inquisitive mind.

This very idea was seconded by a 100 years old Mohini Sharma who revealed that her eagerness to learn is what has sustained her for such a long time.

The crux of this episode is a simple fact that unless one opens their mind to the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of every little action, one fails to realize the reason behind them. In a world so full of distractions, it takes one moment of absolute solitude to question why the world works the way it does. And once we step into that line of thought, although one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to complete it, it sure will make the lifetime worthwhile.

Here’s Deepak Ramola, urging you to be ‘Interested in Everything’.




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