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It is only human to have a fair share of sunshine and rain in a lifetime. But more often than not, some people experience more of the rain, with almost zero roles of their own to play in it. Circumstances, maybe. And as Deepak points out, we all experience in life moments of weakness where we are shaken to the core or even damaged in one form or the other. But the real deal is “what next?” How and when do we start over again, or do we give it another chance at all?
In the 4th episode of Twice as Wise Season-2, our very own Deepak Ramola recollects meeting Trisha Shetty, a brilliant young woman advocating the rights of young girls and women dealing with sexual abuse on global stage and shares her life-lesson, alongside reading one of the most heartfelt, life-altering letters written to him; both with a life lesson that’ll make one ponder upon life maybe i.e. “Your trauma defines you but you get to choose how it defines you”.



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