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His eyes shine brighter as he narrates this particular tale. Deepak, on the fifth episode of Twice as Wise Season-2 recollects his early days of collecting and forwarding life lessons through Project FUEL and how a very few people actually believed in what he did. Like, could a seventeen year old possibly collect and pass on life lessons? They’d doubt.

Deepak laughs a hearty laughter now as he points out that maybe it was just because of his consistent effort and genuine belief in the power of experiences that he managed not just to survive but to thrive in what he does. And guess who reminded him of the same? It is Rosanna, popularly known as Mama Bee of the Eh Bee Family who shares her life lesson to be “Don’t worry about what people think” and Deepak could connect instantly. And it isn’t just Deepak or Mama Bee who thinks similarly, but there’s Madame Sophie who adds herself to the list as well. And they have all time and again said, in different words maybe that “Validate from within”.




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