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From the iconic Scott Seems to Andrew Solomon to our very own Criss Jami, time after time, there’s one thing all these people have agreed on and that is ‘you ought to have that sense of humour!’ And as Criss Jami puts it—”Everyone has a sense of humour. If you aren’t laughing at your jokes, you are probably laughing at someone else’s opinion”. In the 7th episode of Twice As Wise: Season 2, Deepak delves a bit deeper.
He talks about his encounter with Sophie, a woman he met in France and her life lesson which changed not only his perspective in life but helped him have a different outlook towards helpless situations altogether! Deepak recalls a few funny incidents; and oh, have you heard of the course ‘to be a clown’ yet? No, not kidding, it is very much real. Don’t believe me? Head to our newest episode tonight. Link below.



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