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Isn’t it more than often that we plan an escapade from the sheer madness that the cities are? Far away from the hustle and bustle, the dust, the pace, the lifestyle and everything that overwhelms us from time to time. To a quieter place maybe? Where you can hear the streams flow, birds singing and live in the lap of nature amidst the hills. And then just imagine waking up to the most incredible bunch of people to keep you company, to share their journeys with you. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? But the good news is, the dream is coming true.


For the first time ever Project FUEL is curating and hosting the world’s first festival designed to exchange and share human wisdom i.e. a 4 day immersive journey of self-exploration, story-telling, exchanging philosophies and most importantly learning and sharing the wisdom of our lives with people like and unlike us. The great escape with 100 soul-seekers, curious-minds and wonder-filled humans who will gather together to pass on what they know for sure and learn from the experiences of people from common corridors of life in an uncommon classroom. In the woods of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Fascinating isn’t it? And let us tell you the top 5 reasons why we say so.


  1. It is the great escape indeed. To our beloved Rusty’s town. And to add to that, one gets to dive into the age old traditions of making art originate. With skilled rural artisans one gets to learn techniques to weave, paint with fingers and play around with clay. 


  1. Undiluted conversations, lessons, discussions and the company of some incredible people that will make one forget about their cellphones. A much needed break from social media?!



  1. Gain wisdom beyond books. Learn from the life lessons that have been lived amidst sweat and tears, laughter and loneliness, glory and glitches. Indulge and interact with people from all walks of life. From a woman who walked the country in foot to a transgender reading her poetry to Grandma’s storytelling session, name it and FUEL Human Festival has it!


  1. Find your spirit animal. For maybe you aren’t the only crazy around and who knows if you might stumble upon a soul mate in this once in a year festival?


  1. Away from the clichés. Take a break from constantly staring at your devices and share laughter instead. Look into somebody eyes, delve into heart to hearts. Pause to reflect, introspect, breathe and unleash the motivation to start afresh. Begin again.



And as they say ‘beyond the world of excel sheets and presentations, cover letters and appraisals, assignments and evaluations, there is a field – we will meet you there.’ My bags are packed and yours?

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    I am very much interested in this program. Can i know the dates of it?

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