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Every December, I sit down to reflect and condense my learnings from the year gone by. This was a magical year and full of life lessons. Here’s a list of what 2019 taught me:

1- Have space for unexpected love in your life. This will make room for both hope and joy.

2- Relax if things are difficult when you enter; they shouldn’t be when you leave. That is the whole point.

3- People are graveyards of your time. Talk to them keeping in mind their emotional age. People who look old might be still in their teens.

4- Please piss off the world every once in a while. It helps run your engine rust free. People unsure about who they are will confuse you about your own identity. Don’t be misguided by their doubt and misinformed by their insecurity.

5- When the solution becomes the problem, pause. Evaluate. Life is nudging you to listen to its whispers.

6- Life is a house and different people have access to different parts in it. And although, some must be shown a way out but first you need to figure for yourself where the exit door lies.

7- Complaints are a fabulous indicators of perspective. If you take note of what you complain about, you can pretty much take stock of what it is that you lack or need or feel. To complaint is a non-negotiable human nature but having control over the things to crib about is an incredible superpower.

8- You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg. Some things have to hurt for others to heal.

9- Success is a magnifying glass. It blows up who you truly are. A genius become a bigger genius, an asshole a bigger asshole. Gain a perspective before gaining followers.

10- A flower never refuses to bloom because there isn’t another flower in the neighbourhood blooming with it. Nor any river demands to see the trajectory of another river route before deciding its own course. Every element in nature celebrates its singularity. Find the courage to begin alone, to bloom alone and let others take their time to match your pace.

11- Tell people what they mean to you or ask someone what you mean to them. It’s a terrible thing to live without knowing what value one holds. Gratitude breathes the oxygen of acknowledgment.

May kindness be your strength, gratitude your gift and love your anthem. Brace yourself, we are moving to the creamy-chocolaty part of life. Happy 2020, wise souls~



About The Author

Deepak Ramola is the Founder and Artistic director of Project FUEL and serves as the Kindness Ambassador to UNESCO MGIEP. With his initiative Project FUEL, Deepak travels across the world collecting and passing on life lessons of common people. He is also a gold medallist in Journalism, an award winning poet, a lyricist and a writer.

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