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Project FUEL English blog

The new decade has ushered in revolutionary changes in our life. It would surely be mentioned as the most transformational chapter of the century. As quoted by the British novelist Pico Iyer, “The beauty of being foreign is that it snaps you awake”. And that is exactly what this year has brought to us. Being in self-isolation is probably the…

Project FUEL

Our exclusive range of products, conceptualized by Deepak Ramola, are inspired by the wisdom of people from common corridors of life. These products act as a wisdom statement along with a timely reminder that learning is all around us. These multi purpose products make for great conversation starters and heart warming gifts.

After a personal analysis of my work calendar I have found that I meet, on an average, two thousand new people every month. Working as an educator, song writer, screenplay writer, executive producer, and poet, I feel like I am in the business of saying first hellos and final goodbyes all the time. This October though was different. I travelled…