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Our exclusive range of products, conceptualized by Deepak Ramola, are inspired by the wisdom of people from common corridors of life. These products act as a wisdom statement along with a timely reminder that learning is all around us. These multi purpose products make for great conversation starters and heart warming gifts.

Isn't it more than often that we plan an escapade from the sheer madness that the cities are? Far away from the hustle and bustle, the dust, the pace, the lifestyle and everything that overwhelms us from time to time. To a quieter place maybe? Where you can hear the streams flow, birds singing and live in the lap of…

His eyes shine brighter as he narrates this particular tale. Deepak, on the fifth episode of Twice as Wise Season-2 recollects his early days of collecting and forwarding life lessons through Project FUEL and how a very few people actually believed in what he did. Like, could a seventeen year old possibly collect and pass on life lessons? They’d doubt.…