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In the sixth episode of Twice of Wise Season 2, Deepak narrates the story of two phenomenal women he’d met at different parts of the world. One, from the last village on a glacier in Uttarakhand and the other from the drylands of Arusha, Tanzania—and talks about one of the greatest lessons in life.

He recollects meeting Haruli from Khati, Uttarakhand and Mama Mary from the Masai community, both struggling with the very basic needs of life, the ones we often take for granted. But the grace with which Mama Mary had said “Learn to be tolerant. Gratitude will follow” grounded him; making him ponder upon the courage, extraordinary strength and resilience these women carried in their skin and bones.



About The Author

Project FUEL, founded in 2009 by Deepak Ramola, collects life lessons from people all over the world and turns them into interactive and performance activities, to pass on the learnings. The passing on happens by way of workshops, seminars, and sometimes even over coffee. Every life is important and so is what each person's life teaches them. At FUEL, life lessons are continuously collected, documented, thought about deeply and then turned into performance activities. This ensures that you don't just hear someone's lesson in words but experience it tangibly, and apply it practically in your own life. The organization seeks to build a community of young adults who live, learn and share in order to make meaningful psycho-social and emotional contribution to their lives, and the society at large. A life lesson that comes to us from another human being can shine light on the understanding of our own life. Hence the name FUEL, which stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson.

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