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Dear Junior,

I see you’re playing your favourite song on loop in your iPod—4th generation. Well, enjoy it; for soon, they’ll both be outdated—your iPod and the playlist on it. Pst, you have a new message from a friend on your Nokia phone. But you have not realized it yet since it doesn’t ping as much. Enjoy your text-only days. In a few years, you will inevitably be glued to your phone all day. And guess what?

There will be a million changes over the next few decades and this is just the beginning. However, when I see you today being so stressed about something as minor as writing a CAT exam that I feel like sharing a few life-lessons with you today, the ones I’d only hoped you knew—

You’re constantly comparing yourself to others. But let me tell you that the greatest lesson out there is that—we are all different and that is what makes each one of us unique. Also, there’s a reason why you’re not like them and for you to find the reason, just be you—the very best of you.

You aspire to do everything in life—literally and you should be proud of it. You’ll follow all the pursuits and make it happen for yourself, trust me! However, after all the wild rush, you will realise that it is important for you to choose a path, a single pursuit (yes, your elders are right out there!) And when you choose that one path, it’ll take you to places you’d want to go and guide you towards things you’ve only dreamt of.

Now here’s a slightly tough one. I wish you knew that your body is not ugly; you’re not uncool and your aspirations are not as silly. I hope you had known that there’s no perfect. And we are all imperfect beings and it is only the imperfections that complete you, define you and strengthen you.

You’re nursing your heart over him. Your thoughts, wishes and aspirations surround that boy. It hurts I know but I also know that it’ll pass and you will emerge stronger. If only someone had told you to put your heart into things you love—it would have been so much easier. But that’s alright. These experiences will teach you to love unconditionally, one day at a time.

But hey, here’s something that you and I know alike, and we agree on it as well. And that is, our family and that they’ll be there for you and me both, forever. You will make so many memories with them in the years to come and trust me it’ll help you glide through all, the tough and the tougher times.

Also, go out and have fun, as much as you’d want, with your friends— laugh and cry with them, complain to them and fight for them. Stand by them, for they are your most prized possession.

Only, here’s the thing! Unlike you, I know that my happiness is my responsibility. My heart goes out to you when you try looking for it, outside. I want to shout out and tell you that, people and things only contribute to your happiness but it is always always sourced from within.

Don’t resist being criticized, accept it. It won’t be easy in the beginning but you will learn to embrace it and soon, from a better perspective and understanding of your own self, an avalanche of opportunities will follow for you!

And lastly, it is okay to love animation films. They will always be the simplest, funniest and the most magical source of wisdom and inspiration for all! (if not for all, they’ll atleast be it for you and I)

And if I were to summarize my decade in words, I’d borrow Winnie the Pooh’s and put it as— “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Your decade older self.



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