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I’ve told this story so many times in different contexts. When I was in kindergarten, we were supposed to paint self-portraits on A3 papers. They were to fill the whole paper, which was a struggle for me as I usually drew and painted things very small, leaving a lot of white space on most papers. That day, I refused. For…

Project FUEL

Our exclusive range of products, conceptualized by Deepak Ramola, are inspired by the wisdom of people from common corridors of life. These products act as a wisdom statement along with a timely reminder that learning is all around us. These multi purpose products make for great conversation starters and heart warming gifts.

By wanting to, to begin with. The points written below come from my own experience, and the experience of people I've had the pleasure of knowing and understanding. If you've been wanting to find your life lesson, and haven't known where to start, these will help. Lead an extraordinary life And by extraordinary I mean a life which compels you…