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There are people doing inspiring work, and then there are people scouting those inspiring people and bringing them to the limelight. Josh Talks is both, simultaneously.

A Delhi-based startup, Josh Talks constantly and determinedly brings to fore India’s most inspiring stories from metros, cities, small towns, and villages. It gives them the stage and audience they deserve. For Josh Talks, the person behind the idea, and his/her story, is the star.

We met them first at one of their events in Delhi, where Project FUEL was invited to speak. We met the founders, the young Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul, and heard them talk with enough passion and fervour to make us fans of Josh Talks instantly. Their enthusiasm, and sincere faith in their venture, is infectious. They are the ones clapping the hardest, working the hardest, celebrating each of the stories that go up on stage the hardest. They are in it. They are proud of it, yet humble. And we are proud of them.

Josh Talks, in a little over one year since it started, has featured 75 people/stories/ideas, on their prestigious stage. They’ve done it over and over, and each time, with all their heart, gut, gumption and love. It’s no surprise that anyone who gets to associate with Josh Talks, in any capacity, eventually becomes its friend and well-wisher and helper and extended family of sorts. We know this to be true because we are one.

Josh Talks keeps its events small and intimate, never overwhelming with the grandeur of the event, but always with the stories. For Josh Talks, the story is the hero.

For us, they are.

We are rooting for them. We always will.

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Buy tickets to their next event happening in Delhi, on the 30th of October, here



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