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We kickstarted our 2018 with a brand new series “Twice as Wise” of hand-picked, heart-warming and soul-stirring life lessons! Narrated by the man who started it all at FUEL – Deepak Ramola.

For years, we have been asked to share our favourite life lessons and this series aims to do just that. Short episodic videos that condense a piece of wisdom and offers ways in which you can weave it into your fabric of life.

The first in the series is an episode that encourages you to follow the instinct of talking to a complete stranger. As Deepak puts it, “How many times in life have you had this severe urge to speak to someone you don’t know but chose to rather walk away or stay silent? And then weeks go by thinking what would have happened if you would have said something? Well, this 29 years old man Jean told me to ‘Say hello to strangers.’ 

Jean’s simple learning inspired Deepak to say the hello to someone on an airplane and led to a whole classroom benefitting from it.

Watch the episode here:




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  1. Hello Deepak, absolutely fascinating.

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