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Apoorva Bakshi, Business Head, Project FUEL, and an accidental poet as she calls herself, has weaved her life lesson in a poem. Effortlessly, subtly, and oh-so-softly. May you find the magic she talks about here, and may you find it everywhere else too.

Magic, wise souls say
In winters, is the warmth of the rare sunny ray

When the soul vibes exhilaration
Moments to treasure and summon celebration

In Memoirs of a Geisha, a prose defines water and the wood
To the blind and mute, the world of dots and the flowing brook

Of the mind and the muse, creation so embryonic and sublime
Puzzles the genius and fine men from back in time

In words like Farr-i-izadi
Faith, light and credulity

Childhood tales, love bundled in a mother’s embrace
Whatever happened to Lil Miss Muffet, the nursery rhyme you want to trace

In companionship new, you find constant solace
Experience intervention-worthy divine grace

The snow flakes that dance in the wind before they outline
Winter wonderland, stir up a fairy world that shines

Life and more, they tell me what’s true
That he who doesn’t believe in magic, will never see it brew.



About The Author

She believes in magic and therefore sees it brew. She is the Business Head for Project FUEL and handles all our national and international endeavours.

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