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Every December, I sit down to reflect and condense my learnings from the year gone by. This was a magical year and full of life lessons. Here’s a list of what 2018 taught me:

1- Neither the mountain nor the valley will hurt you. It’s what’s in between that is dangerous. Hold your space. Reach out for help. Evolve as your grow.

2- Don’t pour gallon size love into pint size people. You will walk away feeling disappointed and discontent. And when you are, give yourself time.

3- Inspiration is not for you to find and keep. It is for you to sow and grow.

4- Carry with oneself, at all times, a good trick to amuse children, a witty joke to share with people your age and a thoughtful question for the aged. These are tools to start an engaging conversation.

5- Fear can be paralysing if you do not acknowledge all the times when you were able to survive it. No matter what you do, chaos and criticism are already on their way to you. You might as well be on your way to something positive and productive.

6- People are like plants, not matter how much you wish, all you can do for them is provide resources, care and assistance in helping them emerge. You cannot force them into growing your way. Their will be a trait, a behaviour, that will pop out like a leaf unforeseen and not bargained for. The last thing your offer both is that you leave them with hope.

7- Be aware of people who harden you in the name of love, it’s easy to mistake it as empowering. Real love softens until the point you dissolve into your own happiness. It allows you to absorb others into your world and expand if need be, like the universe. Not stand up like a wall and demand for everything to hit you hard before it can belong to you. Be cautious of people who try to convince you otherwise. No hammer ever helped bloom a flower.

8- Standing out anywhere is fitting in somewhere. Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader.

9- ‘No’ is a dead end. ‘Yes’ is a road trip.

10- Be always first in line to receive your love. Harvest the goodness of the year gone by. A gift of 365 days awaits you. Unwrap each day wide-eyed, in awe, you are still here.

May kindness be your strength, gratitude your gift and love your anthem. Brace yourself, we are moving to the creamy-chocolaty part of life. Happy 2019, wise souls~


Image Credit: Vibhor Yadav



About The Author

Deepak Ramola is the Founder and Artistic director of Project FUEL and serves as the Kindness Ambassador to UNESCO MGIEP. With his initiative Project FUEL, Deepak travels across the world collecting and passing on life lessons of common people. He is also a gold medallist in Journalism, an award winning poet, a lyricist and a writer.


  1. Happy New year… Deepak Ramola.. Wishing you a amazing year ahead.

  2. Touched my Heart and could feel every words, sentence… Lesson 2 and 7 are just absolutely profound.

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