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I remember meeting Deepak the last time he was in Kolkata. It was a certain winter afternoon and we’d met at a quaint Flurys outlet in New Alipore, guzzling down hot chocolate and brainstorming crazy ideas for FUEL. I had turned up five minutes late, drained out of energy, still recovering from the greatest loss of my life and he, being the quintessential gentleman had greeted me with the warmest hug and said “Accept it. Whatever has happened. When you can’t alter things, acceptance is the first step ahead, towards a fresh start”. It’s been four months ever since and I guess it’s just a sentence that changed my perspective and my whole approach towards life.

Honestly, I never quite figured the necessity of planning things ahead of time. “Do we really need to?” I’d always question myself. Because maybe Lennon was right after all, maybe life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Life will surprise you on most of the days. On some days, it’ll sweep you off your feet and on another, it’ll ground you. But isn’t that the thing about life? That you cannot just sit back, predict and have it all sorted. That is what makes it perhaps a topsy-turvy adventure sport and maybe life is meant to overwhelm us before consuming us whole. And hey, I’m not the only one who thinks this way. My 83 year old English Professor agrees. In his words “there is no tomorrow. All we have is today, now and this moment to live in. The rest is either past and it’s gone or it’s an illusion of a time we’ll never live in. And us fools, we become so crazy chasing tomorrows, that we forget to live here, in the moment and we don’t even realize how time rushes us by”.

Funny, isn’t it?




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Day-dreamer. Keen listener. Lover of hills, poetry and carnations. Suhasini is more of a reader than a writer. She intends to remain a student for a lifetime and on most of the days, she refuses to grow up.

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