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‘It is both a blessing and a curse’ he said, ‘to be you’. I was almost caught off-guard by what he said. ‘Your generation’ he went on ‘is flooded with options, opinions and access, to anything and everything at your fingertip’ but the issue my child is ‘you are lost, there is knowledge explosion and nobody knows what to consume and what not to. You don’t even know where to begin. Do you?’ My old man smiled the same comforting smile that he always does, while casually dropping hard hitting truth bombs on me. My reluctant millennial-self tried coming up with counter arguments in the head, failing miserably and sulking. He laughed this time, knowing how much I hate giving in and continued, ‘start with yourself, whatever you see—look closely and don’t just look, spend time with it—understand, at least try to. Give everything some time and devote those few seconds, minutes, hours to just that intently. I promise, you’ll find your way through and won’t even need me’.

It took time to sink in. The magnitude of what my old English professor had said, but I don’t remember looking back ever since. Maybe that’s what truth does to you, it sets you free. Happy Weekend, to you too.



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Day-dreamer. Keen listener. Lover of hills, poetry and carnations. Suhasini is more of a reader than a writer. She intends to remain a student for a lifetime and on most of the days, she refuses to grow up.

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