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Longing for heartsease, I signed up for the FUEL Human Festival as soon as I saw Deepak Ramola’s Instagram post, in the midst of my IBDP Examinations. However nervous, I penned down my application to venture to a place brimming with the rays of hope surrounded by like-minded people. An absurd idea for the consensus to attend the Festival resonating wisdom after knocking-down the board examinations, I found two of my close friends looking forward to diving into the ocean of wisdom.

The hectic train travel to Jaipur followed by the chaotic bus journey to Dehradun, our excitement had already depreciated, thanks to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The deteriorating excitement and exhaustion reached to its unbearable after an elongated wait in Dehradun before we finally boarded the festival bus to head to the venue. The serene location was surrounded by the essence of the countryside on the right and the majestic Mussoorie on its left, recharging my batteries of enthusiasm, imperceptibly, as I stepped in.

After completing the formalities, it was time to get one of the henna tattoos of the varied six options that meant something or the other. My tattoo meant to me to reinforce the confidence in me when around people, literally connoting “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Following a brief orientation about the festival, we were asked to shut off the sense of sight for an hour by tying a blindfold, though, translucent. I assembled myself to having a conversation with a stranger! Thanks to the activity my sense contributing the most to being judgmental were shut for a few. Upon a dreamy conversation that revolved around meditation and spirituality, I delved into the spirits of wisdom gearing myself for the festival to unfold.With this spirit, we preceded to the charismatic opening ceremony hosted by Deepak which sure had stimulated my hormones of curiosity, joy and peace altogether. On pursuing an activity in the ceremony, it was certain that every person I have crossed my paths with has something in common with me — be it our favourite colour! (Mine is blue, in case)

The bitter challenges for me to overcome in this festival were to eradicate the fear I perceive when surrounded by people and as to how to begin a mindful conversation. These hurdles were to be overthrown before I venture into my college, I reminded myself at the onset of the festival. While I reflect on the objectives I determined, it is evident that I defeated myself from what I was yesterday, although, there are still miles to go before these hurdles become obsolete and void.

My curiosity when around people had diluted as I sat down with them over the course of three days sharing life-lessons, intriguing experiences, and advises. The joy it had in me to interact and discuss the innate notions of life is close to being impossible to describe in words. From the conversations over how to forgive the self to coping up with the disappointments and scrutinizing the Indian Government, laid the foundations to the attainment of my pre-determined objectives.

Patently, the festival rejoiced optimism, humanity and wisdom, shattering the barriers of age, caste, creed, language and colour. I have not only redefined my motives of living life taking a paradigm shift to love and spreading love but have also attempted to rebuild my relationship with myself.

The elements that persuaded me to partake in the FUEL Human Festival lasted in taking a break from the two years of being submerged in books and doing what assisted me in university admissions to living life, experiencing mental peace, articulating meaningful conversations and meeting people who inspire.

Photo Courtesy: Vibhor Yadav.



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